1. PRE-REGISTRATION: Pre-register by Nominator.
  2. Nominee Confirmation: Nominee will confirm who is the Nominator.
  3. Payment: TOYM inform Nominee to make payment.
  4. New Nominee Account: After payment, wait for TOYM to create Nominee Account.
  5. Nominee First Time LOG IN: https://toym.org.my/login
  6. ACCOUNT: Nominee Change Password: After logged in, user will be redirected to Nomination Portal. User must change the given password to his/her own password. (Nomination > Account > Change Password)




The FIRST PART is constituted of section 1 to section 5. This part must be filled up completely then only allowed for “submit nomination“.


*Tips: User may save any dummy data first and remember to Submit Nomination (at the Section 5) before log out. The user is able to view/edit/update following next log in.


*Tips: Based on above tip, For the signatory (section 5), there are required signature from Nominee, Nominator and Organisation. User can work together OR the first person put dummy signature for others and then requests the others to edit again. All parties with the nominee’s account and password able to log in and edit. (But don’t log in same account at the same time)


The SECOND PART is for Appendix. As you see Section 6 in the bottom part. Please remember to tick the agreement statement before submit the “submit appendix“.


*Tips: We advise all nominators to prepare “completed set of details and supporting documents” first before you use the online submit system. This is because many people unable to submit due to unfilled/uncertain item (uncompleted of data).


*Tips: Please drag and drop the picture/supporting documents at the proper area (e.g. purple color when your cursor moves on that area). Otherwise, you may select the upload button. Please be reminded that you have limitation for your photo or supporting documents.




After first submission, user is enable to view/edit both their “submit nomination” and “submit appendix“, before the midnight (23:59:59, UTC+8) of 31st July 2018. After the dateline, there is no more edit/change.